Professional Solutions & Service

We provide service geared toward a renewable energy future. Maintaining up to date knowledge on industry leading technology and practice we can guarantee to be in the know of the most advanced methods to maintain production.

  • Category 1-5 Lightning Damages
  • Structural Repair
  • Carbon Spar Repair
  • Nacelle / Nosecone Repair
  • Repair To Manufacturer Specifications¬†
  • Leading Edge Protections
  • Internal and External Damages of All Categories¬†
  • Grounded Composite Repair and restorations¬†
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Inspections and Report
  • Lightning Protection System Testing, Inspection, Repair
  • Vortex Generator (VG) Install and Replacement
  • Wind Turbine Cleaning / Painting
  • Coatings:

Application of coatings to further protect investments for a longer life span that decrease or clear out future maintenance and repair cost. Coatings available for leading edge protections, concrete protection and repair, general resurfacing, non skid for a slip free environment.

We are here to keep them spinning!