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Category 1-5 damage, structural repair, carbon spar, repair to manufacturer specification. Internal and external damages of all categories.


Grounded repair/restoration. VG install/replacement. Renewable energy support. Confined space entry. Inspections and report. 


Application of coatings that further protect investments leading to a longer life span with reduced future maintenance and repair cost.

Why SOS Composites?

  • SOS Composites Ltd is a professional composite solution company dedicated to deliver advanced talent and methods for the repair, restoration and protection of wind turbine components. 
  • Utilizing multiple safe access solutions we can reach any schedule and budget.
  • We uphold a high standard to provide safety conscious, top quality technicians.  

New Products... The Best For Your Boat

Gel Coat Repair Compound & Catalyst

  • SOS Gel Coat Repair Compound/Catalyst is designed for filling, bonding and rebuilding wood, fiberglass, ceramic, glass, metal, masonry and many plastics
  • Manufactured to the highest standards to meet the harsh demands of the marine and industrial environments, and solve many problems for home, auto and hobby applications
  • Provides waterproof repairs that can be used with fiberglass tape or cloth to bridge holes and reinforce structural repairs as needed
  • Emergency and permanent repairs to machinery and equipment, hulls, decks, stripped fasteners, piping and tanks are all easily accomplished.
  • SOS Gel Coat Repair Compound / Catalyst  can be sanded or ground to shape, tapped and drilled, and finished with most common paints and coatings

Epoxy Repair Compound & Hardener

For Fiberglass, Wood, Aluminum and Steel

  • HIGH-STRENGTH, LIGHTWEIGHT TWO-PART EPOXY FILLER smooths out the rough spots and fills the voids; ideal for filling and fairing dents, holes and gouges on your boat, canoe or other watercraft. Marine-grade putty is also great for home, RV and auto repair
  • SUPER SMOOTH FINISH FOR PERMANENT, WATERPROOF REPAIRS: Marine filler bonds strongly to damaged areas and cures without pinholes on wood, aluminum, steel and fiberglass repair areas; cured SOS Composites Epoxy Repair Compound / Hardener is waterproof; use above and below the waterline
  • EASY TO MIX AND APPLY: Foolproof 2 to 1 mix ratio – just mix the blue and yellow components until they turn green. Creamy smooth consistency makes it easy to spread and feather to a fine edge; won’t sag on vertical and overhead surfaces
  • CURES FAST. EASY TO SAND AND PAINT: Quick-drying compound is ready to sand in just 24 hours at 60°F – 80°F and no more than 80% RH; cured SOS Composites Epoxy Repair Compound / Hardener compound sands easily; compatible with latex and epoxy primers and paint